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OBD Tool for Ford Odometer Correct and Immobiliser Key Pro

Product ID: obd4s-3672     
Sale: US$ 100.00
Market Price: US$ 105.00
Tailoring Time:8-12 Calendar Days
Shipping Time:2-8 Calendar Days

Description & Specs

1. Product Description:
     Ford obd tool is a newly developed thin, light and easy-operating OBD equipment, mainly used for instrument panel adjustment and anti-theft key matching. With English software, it can do the instrument panel adjustment without taking down the panel.It can read and write EEPROM files, including reading anti-theft code, and can directly modify the key bit byte, and directly replace the original key into your new key, you can also read and write the synchronized bytes of engine and panel, synchronized it directly after modification without programming.
2. Packing list:
 1. Ford OBD tool*1pc
 2. CD*1pc

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