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Hantek DSO1060 (60M) handheld Scopemeter / digital storage oscilloscope, multimeter

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Description & Specs

Excellent industrial design, comfortable and beautiful. Each channel oscilloscope, Shi Ji, trigger, and a multimeter function has a direct key operation, and the partition is reasonable, the operation is fast and convenient.
- 5.7 inch TFT LCD, LED backlight, display waveform
Integrated USB Host & Device, support U disk storage, RS-232/LAN matching, facilitate networking and remote control.
High bandwidth 60MHz + 6000 COUNTS high resolution oscilloscope multimeter, ground isolation.
Gao Shuaxin rate, high sampling rate, 150MS/s sampling, 50GS/s equivalent sampling.
FFT plus, minus, spectrum analysis, X-Y display, in addition, multiplication, and more than 20 kinds of automatic measurement of PASS/FAIL function, Check function, and is suitable for engineering application.
- good trigger function, dual time base sampling, waveform observation for two different frequency.
And as many as 1000 waveform recording and playback function.
Small size (mm): 240 (L) x165 (W) X50 (H), easy to carry.
- waveform data can be time to WORD, and the output voltage of EXCEL, BMP, JPG.
- two times the development of library, Labview\VB\VC\ development examples
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