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Description: Maintenance Wizard is a specially designed for the first-line maintenance personnel maintenance multifunction tester, you can choose different mode test mode 5v, 3.3v mode, auto mode, etc. can be tested 74ch series, 74ls series, CD4000 series, HEF400 series, 4500 series, operational amplifiers, interface class chip, optocouplers, transistors automatic identification, the regulator voltage value recognition and so on. Built-chip data model all kinds of more than 1,300 species, more than 420 kinds of transistor data model, covering the most common devices within 24 feet, can greatly reduce the maintenance workload, improve maintenance efficiency. 
(According to the "Universal Digital IC Quick Reference" Industry Press edition, a total of more than 1420 Universal Digital IC models and types, including standard TTL and COMS standards, etc..) 
Programmers and testers difference: 
The main function of the programmer rather than a programming device testing, device testing but its additional features, it reads the logic state are io, and can not discriminate 74HC Series 74LS series, and can not distinguish between CD4000 series and HEF4000 series of difference .. a little common sense knows that electronic 74hc series and 74ls series uses a different logic level standards, CD4000 series is not exactly the same as HEF4000 series, such as CD4068, CD4078 on and HEF4068, HEF4078 functional differences can not have a logical substitution, such devices account for a certain percentage. 
There TTL digital chip-level standards and COMS level standards, maintenance wizard completely determine their level of standards in order to maintain the reliability of the test. Programmers generally only test their logic is correct, but can not be tested on the threshold. For example: The programmer search 74HC00, the programmer will display only 7400, but can not show what kind of level standards. When the test chip aging, decreased ability to drive, such as the soft fault programmer is not simply to test out. Maintenance wizard is judged based on the threshold, as also will be displayed when the search 74HC00 74HC00, the search display 74LS00 74LS00, HC mode or in the test chip will be considered LS chip damage! And so on, and vice versa. 
  Please note: there is no threshold judgment of no practical use tester sense, this machine is designed to test the most reliable way to serve the maintenance industry, please do not take this machine with a simple model to determine type tester for comparison. The machine inside a variety of digital, analog chips will use up to 12! There are a lot of RC, transistors, inductors, and so on. Everything just for the most reliable test!
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