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JMA TPX Cloner 4D Chip Copier

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Description & Specs

JMA TPX Cloner 4D Chip Copier



Must have a TRS5000 machine to use TPX cloner - Not stand alone.




This electronic tool connected to the TRS-5000 allows for stand alone cloning of Texas Instruments encrypted transponders.
Texas Encrypted Transponders, are commonly found in Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles. Use the TPX Cloner along with our proprietary TPX2 chips for simple read and write cloning.
 JMA's upgrading module to copy Texas Crypto keys using JMA's new TPX2 chip technology.




The Main Advantages of Using JMA's TPX Chipped Blanks rather than Battery Heads are:
No electronic circuit - No batteries to replace
More reliable technology - Coding lasts longer
Original key head shape - Looks better.
Maximize profits - Half the price of battery head keys
Standard sized keys - More practical







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