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468 KEY PRO III ID46 Copy Key Programmer

Product ID: obd4s-607     
Sale: US$ 255.00
Market Price: US$ 369.00
Tailoring Time:8-12 Calendar Days
Shipping Time:2-8 Calendar Days

Description & Specs

468 KEY PRO III Third Generation ID46 Copy Key Programmer



Language: English Only





How to Update 468 KEY PRO III Third Generation?
1 install the driver
2 open the upgrade program selected com port
3 open the file in the upgrade program (upgrade v1.02 New. Bin)
4 the upgrade button will turn black after you click on the electrical source,just waiting until walking a scroll bar
5 PCS prompt upgrade success








Contact Information:
Skype: kathy-tool
Whatsapp:+86 13798243491


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