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BENZ Adblue Emulator

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BENZ AdBlue Emulator (Only with Bosch AdBlue System)





BENZ AdBlue Emulator Description

ADBlue Emulator Box designed to disable AdBlue system used in trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles with EURO 4/5 exhaust emission rates AdBlue Emulator Box bypasses electronic module of the Adblue system on vehicle.




Its very easy to fit AdBlue Emulator Box to any truck or bus equipped with AdBlue system and it will override AdBlue system instantly, it will stop the usage of AdBlue liquid. AdBlue Emulator Box disables AdBlue system electronics gently so there will be no power loss of the engine or any warnings on the dashboard and in diagnostic system.




This device works without interfering to work of other electronic systems of the vehicle.
AdBlue Emulator Box has a wide range of supported vehicle models and there is only one version of emulator for all supported trucks, just upload the necessary program to the AdBlue Emulator Box and you can install it on any supported truck.




When this box connected - AdBlue system of the truck would be fully emulated, no errors related to AdBlue.The box can be fast and easy installed to truck. You can disconnect it, reset and install into another truck.




The SEAS module is supplied with 5 conductors Installation:

Power feeding / activation:

RED (+15): to be connected to a 24 Volt source “under key” (24 Volt enabled when the engine key is in ON position); preferably to the same source that enables the AdBlue system working. This connection will supply power to the SEAS module when the engine key is in ON position (dashboard ON).

BLACK (earth): to be connected to an earth available, preferably the same as AdBlue.

GREY (+30): to be connected to a 24 Volt source always available of AdBlue system,necessarily BETWEEN the F1 or F11 protection fuse and the AdBlue system.

CAN-Bus line connection:

The two conductors plaited together must be connected to the CAN-Bus line of the AdBlue system.

WHITE (CAN H): to be connected to CAN H of the system that must be simulated.

BROWN (CAN L): to be connected to CAN L of the system that must be simulated.The connections must be made under the dashboard, into the fuse and relay box.





Package List:
1pc* Truck Adblue Emulator for Mercedez-Benz
1pc* Package box









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